Pear Blossom Acres

Col. Schurmann is requesting a reconnaissance in force from the crack troops of Company C of the Irish Brigade.  The enemy appears to be gathering in San Bernardino County near Pear Blossom Acres.  I am asking for volunteers to join me on this mission to repel the confederate incursion and protect the sovereignty of our great nation.

Okay, now in modern terms.  Bill Schurmann has been trying to put together events to off set losing Moorpark and Prado.  He has been putting a lot of time into this endeavor and we need to support these alternate events.  The UAOW is trying to grow events and keep people engaged in the hobby and this event is a direct result.  I am asking that if you are free on the weekend of November 5/6 to please make the effort to attend this event. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO WEAR WOOL THIS YEAR! If you can attend please contact me via email so I can let Bill know what size our unit will be. I’ll follow up with additional information. They are counting on us to attend  as one of the larger units.


Captain C. F. Duncan
Commanding Company C, 69th NYSV

Pear Blossom Re-Enactment

Civil War Re-Enactment in Pearblossom, CA.

The Outpost

34141 116th Street E

Pearblossom, CA 92552