The 69th N.Y.S.V. Co. C at the Gettysburg 150th Anniversary Reenactment.

Gettysburg 150


Dia Dhuit agus Céad Míle Fáilte

Hello and a Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Today’s 69th N.Y.S.V. Co. C was founded over 20 years ago and since that time the 69th has been a major influence in the development of Civil War reenacting and Living History events throughout Southern California.

We are currently a charter member of C.R.A.I.C. – California Re-enactors for American and Irish Cultures, a non – profit organization, and are affiliated with many other Civil War and Living History organizations here in the Southland.

Our portrayal of the 69th is as it would have been in camp in the spring of 1864. At that time the regiment would have just been re-supplied with new recruits, equipment, uniforms, tents and they would have been eating well for the first time in many months.

Also some of the soldiers may have had family visiting the camp which accounts for women and children participating in our portrayal today.

With over 40 members, today’s 69th strives to be a family oriented reenacting unit that encourages participation by whole family groups as well as single members.

As living historians it is our mission to educate the general public about this time in our great county’s history and to honor the memories of those who lived and died during the War Between the States. It is our desire to preserve history but also to have fun doing it.

Although we strive to be as authentically accurate as possible in all that we do, from our uniforms and our weaponry, from our military drill and the food that we eat, we always try to keep things enjoyable and relaxed. We even speak a little Irish in camp and have, on occasion, been known to kick our heels up on a Saturday night.

Our members come from all walks of life and reside in many areas throughout the Southland. The Civil War Re-enactments and Living History events we attend are also very varied in location and are conveniently scheduled throughout the year.

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Brigadier General, Shane Padden

Commander – Union Army of the West

Captain Chip Duncan

69th NYSV, Co. C

2nd Sergeant Jason Stec

69th NYSV, Co. C.

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    August 31 - September 1
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    September 28 - September 29
  3. Civil War at Bogart Park

    October 19 - October 20
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The 69th


Fallen Comrades

Irish Brigade at Gettysburg